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FOUR YEARS. GO.It’s time to rock your world. It’s time to be the change you have been looking for. It’s time to step up and to make a difference. What can you do? When I first found the Pachamama Alliance I came out ready to make a difference. My change was to make my laundry friends. My whites and beiges. My pinks and yellows. My browns and blacks that have always been separate. It was my goal to integrate my laundry and to make my clothes friends. This act alone would save water thru the years. Enough to satiate a village, grow a garden, save some trees. My laundry commitment would make a global change.

The next year I bought shampoo that wasn’t tested on animals. Make Up that was all natural. I filtered my water and then recycled my trash. I beautified my neighborhood and planted trees in areas that didn’t have any green. I adopted a family. Joined One Voice that feeds 35,000 families under poverty level and stepped into charities full force.

I traveled to the rainforest and learned first hand how important our land is and it’s people and now I teach worldwide sharing the Pachamama Alliance message of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on our planet.

But what can you do? Go to and in seconds be propelled to change your life. Change the world and make a difference. Join me today and share what you’ll do to change your life, change the planet and what you alone and together will and can accomplish in the next four years. Are you ready? Get set and GO!

This year I began my 2010 ready to springboard into the New Year.
Resolutions are No problem!


1. Get Outdoors – Walk, Hike. Bike, Surf, Sail, Mow Your Lawn, Walk on the Beach, Be nurtured by the sunshine. This will give you a vital, healthy glow!

2. Rest – Relaxation – Take time for yourself. Read. Meditate. Yoga. Vacation. Journal. Nap. Find Private and sacred time for you.

3. Water – Hydration. Consume water. Swim. Beaches. Lakes. Rivers. Waterfalls. Showers. Tubs. Find Time to submerge yourself in the healing aspects of water.

4. Oxygenate – Pilates – Running – Tennis – Soccer – Basketball – Singing – Use Your Lungs. Oxygen repairs tissues and muscles and keeps your body in a healthy – fit toned and trimmed state.

5. Share – I know we learned this in kindergarten but when we share not only our finances- goods – and wares but really share who we are – share our thoughts – visions and ideas – we can change our lives and change the world.

6. Go Green – Pick some way to make a difference. Recycle, Plant  a tree, Shut the Faucet when you brush your teeth, Carpool, Choose Alternative Fuels, Change your Lightbulbs, Composite, Consider Energy Conservation, Use E-mails instead of paper

7. Gratitude – Start your day with the things that you are grateful for.

8. Reach – You were given two hands – one for receiving and one for giving. Be in flow. Learn to receive compliments – receive acknowledgments – receive miracles.  Give to your heart’s delight. Giving can keep your heart in a healthy stage forever.

9. Laugh – Smiling and Laughter raises the vibration of your life. Laughter cures ails, illnesses, pain and sadness. Laughter is the stem of  healthy and happy living.

10. Learn – Learn Something New. Be child like, explore, find adventure, curiosity, information. Grow as a person. Expand your mind. Have Fun

11. Feed Your Body – Feed Your Mind – Choose Healthy Foods and Healthy Thoughts.

12. Increase – Increase your Wealth, Wisdom, Finances, Time with your Family or Friends, Increase your Workouts, Alone Time, Dreams, Days Off, May This Year Be Filled With More Joy, Passion, Pleasure and Love Than Ever Before!

Nicole Brandon is a world renowned Author, Master, Speaker and Global Coach on Fitness, Wellness and Ultimate Health.

Nicole Brandon

A renowned Life Coach, celebrated Author, Master Fitness Instructor and the CEO and Founder of "Artistry In Motion" A.I.M. For Excellence Inc, Nicole Brandon is in demand as a motivational speaker who has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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