Nicole Brandon


Nicole Brandon

A Master Fitness Instructor, renowned Life Coach, celebrated Author and the CEO and Founder of “Artistry In Motion” A.I.M. For Excellence Inc, Nicole Brandon is in demand as a motivational speaker who has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Nicole’s popular seminar “Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life” is drawn from her many remarkable talents and skills, and from her real life experiences. She was crowned Miss Dance America and Miss Acrobat of the U.S., and performed on stages around the world, until a near fatal car accident threatened to cut short her career.

Her body crushed almost beyond repair, Nicole’s doctors said she would never walk again. While lying immobile in her hospital bed, Nicole recalled a time when she was a little girl crying after spilling milk. Her mother said to her “why are you crying? It’s just an accident. We just need to clean up the mess.”

That simple advice, to “clean up the mess,” inspired Nicole to put herself back together and heal her body.

A year after her accident, Nicole climbed the Great Wall of China and performed as a contortionist and acrobat with the Beijing Greats. During her journey back to health (which included intense Pilates sessions and a determination to return to a time when her body was whole), Nicole vowed that she would not let a day go by when she didn’t teach what she knew about the human body.

Nicole subsequently studied Pilates with First Generation teachers Ron Fletcher and Lolita San Miguel. In 2005, Nicole was granted “Master Teaching Status” for her mastery of the body and its education, application, history, and ultimate potentiality and achievements. She began teaching Pilates to athletes, CEOs, celebrities, and anyone seeking a healthier and happier life. She soon became one of the most renowned, respected and sought after Pilates teachers today.

Continuously challenging herself, Nicole has earned numerous health and fitness certifications in such diverse subjects as nutrition, Reiki, sports rehab, arthritis, stroke and heart attack recovery, endurance, shoulder care, stretch, paramedic training, preventive fitness, high end performance, and spine, back and regenerative repair.

Nicole believes anyone can turn barriers and walls into gates. Her motivational seminars and compelling life story inspire people to take back their lives while guiding them to live the life of their dreams. Her careful threading of each individual to their life purpose instills joy, enthusiasm, focus, energy, and passion.

Her books, videos and workbooks teach people how to shift their consciousness, free barriers and live a healthy, happy, whole, and complete life in a body that they love. Her infectious smile, sense of humor and skilled storytelling draw people in and help Nicole propel them to live a life they only imagined

Nicole coaches clients throughout the world via teleseminars that guide people through their own journey one major step at a time. Whether cooperate coaching or holding a newborn in the hospital and giving it life, Nicole is the power of movement and essence of life itself. Many call her a Shaman, and the bridge from the Physical to The Spiritual and subconscious and conscious world.

Nicole loves to guide her clients in the art of wellness, health, vitality, physical transformation, and physical regeneration while teaching everyone  she meets the ultimate power of the body.

Nicole inspires beauty and an appreciation of the glory of the human form, which she defines as “Artistry In Motion.” It is, of course, the way she lives.


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Nicole Brandon

A renowned Life Coach, celebrated Author, Master Fitness Instructor and the CEO and Founder of "Artistry In Motion" A.I.M. For Excellence Inc, Nicole Brandon is in demand as a motivational speaker who has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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