Nicole Brandon

The Key To Happiness is Making The Decision To Be Happy

Posted on: March 10, 2010

In an emerging world of growth, change, spirituality, wisdom, freedom, rights, technology, technicolor, and manifestation one would think we could easily connect, hook into and create instant happiness for ourselves and for others. So why does it seem the more we grow as a society and as people the less we know about the spirit and the human heart?

Society has changed us from trudging up a hill to being tangled in our own webs of destruction, confusion, boundaries and misfacts.

More than ever we’ve become a separate society of individuals longing to be found and longing to be heard.

The search for inner peace and happiness is not a new journey for centuries we have reveled in the divine, given way to love and adoration and listened to the sacred and secret whispers of the wind. So why today of all times, when we should be jumping for joy and elation at how far we have come, do we find ourselves alone, wanting and desiring more then we ever had before?

Long before there was the written word, there was the art of the story, people would sit around fires and tell tales of their heritage, their faith, their dreams, their ambitions, their goals, their traditions and their connectedness to all things here and worlds away, no matter how big or how small, they would share the stories that would lead them to hope wisdom, community, and ultimate power.

Hieroglyphics were soon born and people could story board their journeys and paths, eventually music came into play and the vibration within themselves and the earth became one, as they lead a symphony of sounds to express their inner spirit, soul, and desire.

Eventually we wrote our dreams on paper, journaled our tales and experiences and passed them on for generations ahead to learn from our steps and to follow our golden pathways.

So how do we tell the story of YOU? How do we open your story and share its tales, wonderments and magi?  How do we reach those places that long ago were awakened and how do we picture it so the power it possesses can reach the heavens with the song and the voice of you.

Finding one’s happiness is a lifelong path but what could you do with your life if you could find happiness in an instant? How wise, how magical, how magnificent, how rich would your life be if you could indeed find your happiness in just seconds a day?

That ability to connect with your happiness means you must first know where to find it.

Most of us are so busy searching we forget what we’re really looking for. When we shift out of our divinity, our beauty, our natural state of mastery, we allow our world to get muddled, unclear and stuck. A perfect example is coming home and being in a glorious and fabulous state. Great Day, Perfect Connection. Fabulous. Then something happens we get a phone call, our kids fall down, we forget to pick up the laundry, our dinner gets burnt, a bill is overdue and comes in the mail, whatever and we get knocked off our happy place and pedestal so now we are in a dark place where it’s hard to see.  Now we go to run an errand, go back to work; pick up the kids, return for the cleaning and our keys are missing. Now we’re frustrated, angry, livid, and short with our selves and others and we bang around looking for our keys. Our keys are only missing because we’re in a dark place and we’re unable to see.  The angrier and more frustrated we become the darker it gets, now, we’ll never find them.  Finally someone wise nearby may say something helpful like calm down, or breath and we stop for a moment, change our direction and start to unwind. Each breath, each second we are calm, trusting, wise, happy, the anger, the frustration and the darkness goes away. Guess what? They’re right where you left them. The keys never moved, only your ability to see them was shifted by your anger and veil.

Happiness in an Instant can give you the tools, techniques and magic to not only change your life forever, but it offers the key to your happiness, your wealth, your dreams and your desires.

Do you want to know a secret? It works!


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